In this 2-minutes video, you'll will find out the purpose of Naker and discover the interface of Naker.Story which is composed by 4 main aspect:

  • The 5 main tabs: Environment, Content, Interactivity, Journey and Caption
  • The selection panel (on the left)
  • The properties panel (on the right)
  • The bottom bar 

5 Main Tabs

Environment enables to modify the atmosphere of your 3D scene. You can choose among the different HDR picture or upload your own one. Play with the color, sky brightness, scene brightness and/or the picture orientation. You can also upload an ambient sound.

allows to add any object (3D model, shape, light, ground, sound, image) and/or you can pick any 3D element from an existing library such as Google Poly, or Sketchfab.

Interactivity enables to add some animation to your objects. Play either with the position, rotation or scale of your objects. You can also choose between the scroll or the mouse effect. Meaning that the animation will start if you either scroll or mouse-hover. And don't forget to choose the start and end %. The % refers to the journey. For instance, if you start your animation at 0% and end at 100%, it means that you start your animation from the beginning of the journey and it ends at the end of your jourey.

Journey enables to work on the customer journey of your 3D scene. Add a sceneview in the bottom bar or remove it with the "delete" keyboard shortcut or the "bin" symbol. Afterwards, play with the gizmo or coordinates in the right menu to position it correctly.

Caption allowing you to add your text in any Sceneview. Select the sceneview in the bottom bar or in the selection panel (on your left), and add the text, choose among the Google Fonts, choose your font and background color and add a Call-To-Action button with an hyperlink if you want to.

Selection panel

Located in your left, displays all the elements available in your interactive scene. You can easily duplicate, remove or group them thanks to the keyboard shortcuts. 

Properties panel

Located in your right, this panel is different depending on the object and tab you've selected. You usually always will find the coordinates of your element and then will find all the possible options related to the tab.

Bottom Bar

This bar enables to visualize the customer journey by clicking in the different SceneView. also apply some filters in the journey tab to create unexpected effects. Throughout the creation of your 3D scene, you'll be able to check this bottom bar to see the end-result of each sceneview when you'll  proceed to any significant modification.

Would you like to build a concrete case together?
Learn how to reproduce the interactive Apple Airpods Pro Landing Page with Naker and Webflow. Follow the tutorial here:

👉If you still have any question or need any help, ping me in the app 🙋‍♀️

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