After creating your project, background or form in Naker, proceed to the integration of the content on your website. Follow those 4 steps to successfully integrate it:

1. Check the Block ID of your container

When you're in the editor of your website, select the container or part of your website where you'd like to integrate your Naker content, go to the "properties" in your right menu and scroll down until you find the "Element Metadata" and get the ID .

2. Add this Block ID in the Node ID Container

Go back to your Naker background or form and add the Block ID in the "Node ID container" like in the following example and copy the script.

3. Paste script in Javascript field 

Go back to Unbounce and hit "Javascripts" at the bottom of your page. A window will appear and paste your script.

4. Opacity 0% and Stretch background

Go back to the section where you integrated your interactive background. Be sure that the opacity of the section is 0% so transparent and tick the box "stretch background to page edges", hence, your background will be adapted to any size of screen.

Save & Preview the result!✌️Don't forget to share your Naker projects with us 😊

Note: if you can't see your Naker.Back on your website, it might be a problem with the opacity of your background. Put a transparent background on your website for instance if you put a colored background in Naker.

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