After creating your project, background or form in Naker, proceed to the integration of the content on your website. Follow those 3 steps to successfully integrate it:

1. Give an ID to your Node ID Container

After hitting the export button in Naker, you'll have the following screen and add in the "Node ID Container" field, the name you'd like. Here I put "naker" for instance. Afterwards, copy the script.

2. Put the ID name in Webflow

Go to your Webflow editor and select the section/block where you'd like to integrate your Naker content. Afterwards, hit "settings" in your right menu and put the ID name in the ID field like I did 👇. I put "naker" since I called the container "naker" in the previous step.

3. Paste script in page settings 

Go to your left menu in Webflow and hit "Pages", select the page where you'd like to display your Naker content and go to the settings of this specific page.

Scroll down in this page settings until you arrive at the section called "Custom Code" > Inside <head> tag and paste the script you've copied from Naker's export button.

Publish your website and check the result! ✌️Don't forget to share your Naker projects with us 😊

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