You created your interactive scene on Naker.Form and you are ready to link it to your existing form and implement it into your website.

You can embed it anywhere on your website. As in any website, your page is made of blocks called containers/div/sections/etc, and you will have to decide on which of these blocks 🏗 your background will be. In CMS such as Wordpress, Wix or Webflow, you only drag and drop these blocks to set their positions.

At the moment, you're facing the following screen:

Before integrating your interactive form, make sure you have NO existing background in the section where you put your interactive form. Meaning that it should be either a transparent background or remove the background color (put 0% opacity).

You have 4 possible methods:

  1. You add a custom HTML to your container: if you have the control on the HTML of your website, or if you’re using one classic CMS.
  2. You give an ID to your container: useful if you use some custom Wordpress templates (like Divi) or if you only have access to the <head> of your page in your CMS. In that case, you will need to 3 actions: 1. Put any name you'd like in the "Node ID container" field located in the pop-up window hereabove. 2. Insert this same name in the the ID field of your website or adequate classe if there is no ID field. 3. Paste the script in the header of your container/section.
  3. If you build your own website without any third party services here above, you can refer to this Naker.documentation:
  4. Through Iframe: check this article.

We provide some details about the integration on different CMS or platforms:

For Wordpress: check this article in order to know the 3 steps in order to succeed your integration.

For Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg, check this article.

For Tilda: follow the steps detailed in this article.

For Webflow: read this article.

For Unbounce: follow the next steps detailed in this article.

For Bubble: check this article.

For Carrd: check this article.

Note: If you redirect to another page after the completion of the form, don't forget to insert a set time out of few seconds before this redirection in order get the complete explosion animation.

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