Create your first interactive form with Naker.Form. Find here some guidance to quickly build it.

First step: Explore

You can start by playing with the "Randomize" button, located in the upper right corner, in order to get inspired.

You discover that you can play with the colors of your background, the rendering of your image and the during-end animation.

Second step: Define the colors of your background

When you gathered enough inspiration, start by building your own background.

  • Set the colors of your "Background start" and "Background end". You can use the same or different colors. Don't forget to play with the gradient level and check all the possibilities 😊
  • It also possible to keep a transparent background if you already have a strong background on your website. In that case, remove the opacity of the colors inserted.

Third step: Image

Hit the image in order to replace it (if you want to). You can either drag'n drop your image or hit the "+" button to search the adequate image on your computer.
You can also search on Google, upload some on images libraries such as: Noun Project, Icons 8 or Iconscout in order to find a nice icon.

  • Upload your image.
  • Select the shape.
  • Choose the number of pieces and size of the image.

Fourth step: Animation of the Fusion and Explosion

The Fusion refers to the moment when your customer will fill in your form.
The Explosion is the moment when your customer will hit the "Submit" button.

In both animations, you can fond up to 5 Templates which help you to generate different animations. Afterwards, feel free to change Position, Rotate, Scale or Gravity and Power.

Fifth step: Export

When you're satisfied with the result, you can start to export your form for free and embed the iframe code in your website.Β 

  1. Create your account in order to save your project and link it to your personal account. If you are concerned about your data, read more about how is your data managed here. 🧐
  2. Insert the container selector and paste the script in the adequate field of your website code.
  3. πŸ›‘After you've integrated your form on your website, you might have plan a redirection to another page when the user hit the "submit" button. However, we advice to set a delay time of 2-3 seconds in order to show the end result of the form to your customer. πŸ›‘

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