In case you'd like to update your avatar, go to your dashboard and hit the settings button located in the upper-left corner.

You'll have the following screen in front of you and you'll be able to change 4 aspects:

  1. Your profile: Student, Freelance, Digital Agency, Brand/Company/Advertiser
  2. Name your Company
  3. Link your Sketchfab account in order to be able to upload Sketchfab objects in your projects.
  4. Customize your Pearl: its color and shape via the color picker and the "Update Pearl" button.

"What about changing my username and my email address?"

At the moment, this option is not available yet. This is already written in the list of the future improvements. In case you're in this situation, send us an email to with the email address of your account.

"What if I'd like to remove my account?"

In case you'd like to delete your account, send us an email to and we'll remove all your data from our server.

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