After creating your interactive background, follow the next 3 steps to successfully embed it in your website made with Wordpress:

1. Install "headers and footers" plug-in via

2. After creating your interactive content in Naker, click on the "Export" button. In the window, you'll see "Node ID container". Pick an ID in your website (linked to the section where you'd like your content to be drawn) which you will insert in this field and then copy the script and paste it in "headers and footers". For instance, the ID of your website section is called "naker", so put "naker" in the Node ID Container field.

If you're using plug-ins like Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg, read the following article:

Be careful to:

  • Have NO existing background in the section where you put your interactive background. Meaning that it should be either a transparent background or remove the background color.
  • Provide the adequate "div" name. Meaning that the section where you'd like to put your interactive background has an "id" and this "id" appears in the script of your Naker.Back. By doing so, you need to put the name/id of the section in the field "Node ID container" located in the export window, above the script.
  • Provide a position to your div or section where you put your interactive background.
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