The only data we need to record, on our side, is your token. The token allows us to identify the user and, on your side, it avoids to insert all the time your log-in information. 

Moreover, we collect data of your usage on our platform in order to improve the tool and your user experience. Indeed, those information concerns, for instance, the number of clicks on a specific button, how many times a feature has been used, ...etc.
Do not worry, we do not sell those information to any third party. 🕵️‍♂️

If you don't want some websites to track your information, it's always possible for you to clear your browsing data (history, cache, cookies and more).

How to proceed?

  1. Go to the Settings or Preferences of your browser, follow the Advanced area
  2. In the Privacy section, you'll find "Clear Browsing Data"

"What if I'd like to remove my account?"

In case you'd like to delete your account, send us an email to and we'll remove all your data from our server.

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