So you created your interactive background on Naker.Back and you are ready to implement it into your website and/or app.

You can embed it anywhere on your website. As in any website, your page is made of blocks called containers/div/sections/etc, and you will have to decide on which of these blocks 🏗 your background will be. In CMS such as Wordpress, Tilda or Webflow, you only drag and drop these blocks to set their positions.

At the moment, you're facing the following screen:

Select the CMS you're using, if it's neither of them, choose then the "Custom script".
Afterwards, you'll the following screen:

What should I do?

  1. the URL link of your website.
  2. Add either the ID of your container OR its class.
    Usually when you select the container where you'd like to insert your interactive background. You can name its ID. Put a name and insert it directly in the field "ID" of the export window. Otherwise, if you only have a field "class" in your container, put this name in the field "class" of the export window. If you can't differentiate the ID from the class, check this article.
  3. Copy the script and paste it in the header or body tag of your website.

This process might be different depending on the CMS you're using. Refer to the adequate Helpcenter article to:

For Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg, check this article.

For Tilda: follow the steps detailed in this article.

For Webflow: read this article.

For Unbounce: follow the next steps detailed in this article.

For Bubble: check this article.

For Carrd: check this article

For Wordpress: check this article in order to know the 3 steps in order to succeed your integration.

It also totally possible to insert your interactive background via Iframe: check this article. But we wouldn't advice to apply this solution since you won't live the full experience properly.

What If I built my ow website?

If you built your own website without any third party services here above, you can refer to this Naker.documentation:

What about the other websites' solutions?

For other websites such as Wix, Squarespace, check their Helpcenter to know how to insert HTML code within your website👇:


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