When you're ready to export your project, hit "Publish & Embed" button in the upper-right corner and a window will pop-up.

Export options are:

  1. Video
  2. Embed on your website via iframe
  3. Embed the code on your website via copy/pasting the script. In that case, you need to be able to add some custom code on your website.

How to proceed?

  1. Hit "Publish/Update" in order to access the share & embed options. Or you can also already choose to export in video.

2. In order to embed via iframe, hit "Share Project" at the bottom of the window and paste the link in the adequate field of your CMS or website.

3. In order to embed the code via the script, you need to give an ID to your container: it's useful if you use some custom Wordpress templates (like Divi) or if you only have access to the <head> of your page in your CMS. In that case, you will need to execute 3 actions: 1. Put any name you'd like in the "Node ID container" field located in the pop-up window hereabove. 2. Insert this same name in the the ID field of your website or adequate classe if there is no ID field. 3. Paste the script in the header of your container/section. Sometimes, your CMS provides already this "ID container". It really depends from one CMS to another.

Check the following articles about the integration on different CMS or platforms:
or ping me in the app for any help

For Wordpress: check this article in order to know the 3 steps in order to succeed your integration.

For Divi, Elementor or Gutenberg, check this article.

For Tilda: follow the steps detailed in this article.

For Webflow: read this article.

For Unbounce: follow the next steps detailed in this article.

For Bubble: check this article.

For Carrd: check this article.

Note: Be careful, in case you edit your project after exporting it once, don't forget to hit the Publish button again.

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